Bafoussam, West Region of Cameroon
(Land of the Bamilikes)

Bafoussam, otherwise known as feutsap is the town of the Bamileke tribe of Cameroon.

It is the capital or the head quarters or the chief town of the west Region of Cameroon.

It is found in the bamboutos mountains. It is also the capital of the Mifi Division.

As of 2005, the town had a population above 230.000 inhabitants.

The city is widely known for its business activities. It is the region's center of trade.

The People of this town are mostly coffee, tobacco and tea farmers with   coffee processing and brewery indutries.

It is home to the chief's palace of this region. The town  is made up of three traditional chiefdoms-Baleng, Feutsap and Bamoungoum with main neighborhoods like Famla, Banego, Kamkop, Djeleng, Tamdja, Eveché, and Haussa Quarter.

There are two main markets in the town, differentiated with letters of the alphabet as Marché “A” and Marché “B”.

The town has produced world known national heroes like artists, footballers and business men, etc.

Travel Information

It is a major town in Cameroon and highly connected to the rest of the country.

You can travel by land or by air.

It's connected by land transport to Douala, the economic capital and largest city and Yaounde, the nation's capital,  

Many travel agencies are available and travel both during the day and night.

You can also travel by air. The local Airport is a second class airport in the country and only used for travels within the country.

Tourist Attractions and information

The Bamboutous Mountains itself is a wonderful view. Visitors will find it very attractive.

The West Region as a whole is a super-cultural hub in the country, with numerous Fondoms and a strict respect of culture.

Any visitor to the West region will be amazed inhabitants respect their traditional heads and the power these traditional heads possess. A visitor will be amazed at the rich culture of the Western Region.

Visit the home city of the richest and some of the most ingenious men of the country.

Hotels and Travelers' Inns

Bafoussam has some of the best hotels in the country and you will obviously find one that will meet your expectations.


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