The Cameroon Anglophone Crisis

The Cameroon Anglophone Crisis

British Southern Cameroons, (which includes the South West and North West Regions of Cameroon) is currently experiencing a strike action. For almost two months, there has been a series of unrest and violence. These have been caused by a strike started by the Anglophone Lawyers and The Teachers’ Trade Union of the English Sub-System of Education in Cameroon.

The strike quickly became popular as Anglophones who feel marginalised and cheated in their own country, endorsed and joined. Government’s slow response and the sending in of a brutal military to stop the peaceful protesters and matches and quench the strike, instead fueled and radicalised it.

Lives have been lost, property destroyed and people witnessed flagrant abuses of human rights.

Many people took to the streets, calling for a return to the federal state of affairs as it existed before.

Others called for the restoration of the West Cameroon Statehood, a total secession from the rest of Cameroon or outright independence for British Southern Cameroons.

Unionist Leaders called for a sit in Strike.

''We must stand together and continue our peaceful resistance until the demands of the lawyers and teachers tabled, relating to our existence have been satisfactorily addressed'' One of them said.

The first Sit in Strike witnessed a near one hundred percent success and created ghost towns in the English Speaking part of the country.

The second Sit In strikes of January 16 and 17 also witnessed resounding successes. But on January 18th, 2017, the Government of Cameroon banned the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, CACSE, the main body organising the strike.

Its President, Secretary General and many other sympathisers were arrested. Other members of the Consortium went underground and into hiding. The leadership of the Consortium was transferred abroad.

Sympathisers however vowed to continue the strike action until their demands have been met.

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