Cameroon Flag

A national flag is very important to all countries.

The Cameroon flag is not an exception to the Republic of Cameroon.

The flag, which was adopted on May 20th, 1975, has remained, together with the National Anthem, two of the most, if not, the most important symbols of the country.

The Cameroon flag, as you can see below is green, red and yellow with a yellow star in the middle.

When put together, the flag represents the Pan African Colours. It's recorded that Cameroon was the second country to adopt the Pan African colours.

Description of the Cameroon Flag

As already seen above, the flag is a vertical tricolour of green, red and yellow with a yellow five star in the middle. But what do these colours mean? Are these colours and the star just there for being sake? No. The flag has these colours for a reason.

Before we delve in to explain the colours of the flag, a short knowledge of the history and geography of Cameroon are important.

Cameroon was one country until the arrival of the European colonial masters. In 1884, the Germans colonised Cameroon and Cameroon became part of their overseas territories. German rule in Cameroon did not last very long.

During the First World War, the Germans were defeated in the country through a joint Anglo-French military expedition.

After the war, all Germans colonies in Africa were seized. Cameroon was then handed to France and Britain. At first, the British and the French wanted to jointly administer Cameroon. However, this failed. The failure of a condominium or a joint administration resulted to the partition of Cameroon.

Britain received one fifth of the country, while France received a four-fifth of the territory. Britain administered her own part as part of the Eastern region of Nigeria, while France administered her own part as an independent entity.

In 1960, French Cameroon gained independence. In 1961, British Southern Cameroon decided to gain independence by joining French Cameroon. The two different countries became the Federal Republic of Cameroon.

In 1972, the two countries united and became the United Republic of Cameroon...

The southern part of the country is mostly forested zones while the northern part of the country is Savannah and grassland.

All these historical and geographic facts were taken into consideration when designing the Cameroon flag.

  • Green: Green stands for hope and the southern forests.
  • Red: Red stands for the unity of the country.
  • Yellow: Yellow stands for the sun (which is the source of peoples' happiness), as well as the Northern Savannah.
  • The star in the middle symbolises the Unity of the country.

Importance of The Cameroon Flag

The flag of every country is very important. The importance of the flag in Cameroon include:

  • It serves as symbol of National Unity.
  • It serves as a National Identity.
  • It serves as a symbol of the countries history
  • It serves as a symbol of pride.

That's why citizens are called to respect the flag of the country where ever they may be. The Cameroon flag is used at both National and international ceremonies and events, such as during the world cup, where Cameroon has participated many times, Olympic Games and also during meetings of organisations.

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