Map of Cameroon

The map of Cameroon, as you can see above, is in the form of a triangle.

The country is located in Central Africa, and has a total area of 475, 440sq km.

The actual land size is 472, 710sq km while water occupies 2.730sq km.

Cameroon's Neighbours

Cameroon has six neighbouring countries. These countries are Nigeria, Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guine

  • South west of Cameroon is the Gulf of Guinea.
  • Northwest of Cameroon is Nigeria.
  • East of Cameroon is Central African Republic
  • North of Cameroon is Chad and
  • South of Cameroon are Congo Brazzaville, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

Map of Cameroon: Facts about Cameroon

Total Size: 475, 440sq km.

Population: Approximately 20 000 000 people.

Capital City: Yaounde

Biggest City: Douala

Currency: Central African CFA Franc (XAF)

Official Languages: French and English

President: Paul Biya (Since 1982)

Prime Minister: Philemon Yang

Political Regime: Multi-Party Presidential Regime

Map of Cameroon: Brief History of The Country:

Cameroon was annexed by the Germans in 1884. German colonisation of the country did not last last as they were defeated in the country during the First World War by a joint Anglo-French Military Expedition.

After the First World War, the British and the French were given the mandate to rule Cameroon. The failure of a joint administration by these two countries resulted to the partition of Cameroon.

Britain received one fifth of the territory and administered her own part of the territory as part of the Eastern Region of Nigeria. France administered her own part of the territory as an independent entity.

In 1960, French Cameroon achieved independence. In 1961, British Southern Cameroon decided to achieve independence by joining French Cameroon. Both countries became The Federal Republic of Cameroon.

In 1972, the Federal Republic of Cameroon united to form The United Republic of Cameroon. The country later became The Republic of Cameroon.

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