Mount Cameroon

Mount Cameroon has many other names.

It's also known as ''The Chariots of the Gods'' ''Mount Fako'' ''Buea Mountain'' or ''Cameroon Mountain.

It is located in the South West Region of Cameroon, near the Gulf of Guinea.

It is one of Africa's largest Mountains and volcanoes and rises to 4040metres above sea level and recorded as the highest point in the whole of West and Central Africa.

Mount Cameroon: Eruptions.

Mount Cameroon is an active volcano. It produces volcanic activities till present day. The latest volcanic activity on the mountain occurred on the third of February, 2012. The mountain is one of Africa's largest volcanoes.

The first written account of volcanic activity could be the one from the Cathaginian Hanno The Navigator, who might have observed it in the fifth century BC. He thus named it ''The Chariots of the Gods.''

Explosive eruptions have occurred through out history. A 1992 eruption of the Mountain produced a lava flow that reached the Atlantic Coast.

Also, a lava flow from 1999 stopped only 200metres from the sea. This actually cut off the coastal highway.

Activities on the Mountain

There are many activities that go on on Mount Cameroon through out the year. Some of these activities include:


The mountain is a great attraction to tourist in Cameroon and from all over the world. Thousands of tourists visit the mountain every year and those who have the guts to climb the 4040metres height can do so at their convenience.

The Mount Cameroon Race of Hope:

This is an annual event that is televised by the Cameroon National Media and watched nationwide as a life event.

The race pulls athletes from all over the world.

The event is usually organised in January or February.

It starts in the University Town of Molyko and goes right up to the mountain and back.

Winners receive huge sums of money, sometimes amounting to over 6 thousand dollars.

During the race, thousands of people flock into the town of Buea to watch and support the participants.

Since it's also a life event on TV, many people prefer to watch it from home.


Hunting is one of the economic activities on the mountain. There are many animal species and some residents spend their time hunting all year round.


Farming is also another activity that goes on on the mountain. The soil around the mountain is very fertile and good for the production of food crops that serve the inhabitants around the mountain and beyond.

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The Buea Regional Hospital is found in Buea in the Fako Division of the South West Region of Cameroon on the foot of the mount Cameroon. It is about …

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I went to mt Cameroon and it was fun.

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Mount Cameroon is the tallest mountain in the whole of Central and West Africa. It's an active Volcano. It produces volcanic activities till present day. …

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