Tiko Town

Tiko is a small town in the South West Region of Cameroon. It was originally called ‘Keka’ by the Bakwerians.

History holds that the town grew as a market town for the Douala fishermen, Bakweri farmers and hunters from Molyko in Buea, the Bwenga, the Bulu and Bokova people.

The main quarters here include Streets 1 to 7, Motombolombo, Down Beach, New Quarter, P&T quarters, New Layout, Long Street, Likomba, Golf Club, and Mutengene and Ombe which have themselves grew to separate towns.

As of the 2005 census, the town was estimated to have a population of about 55,914 inhabitants.

The ton is also an industrial area which is mostly occupied by the CDC producing rubber, palm oil and the popular bananas.

It hosts a Golf Club, where lovers golf game can take a walk for relaxation.

Located in Likomba is also another Golf Court, the Likomba Golf club which has 18 holes.  It is one of the two Golf courts in Cameroon and host tournaments during the dry season.

Travel Information

The town is easily accessible from many locations. It's a few minutes from Douala, the economic capital and largest city in the country.

It's also a few minutes from Limbe and Buea So, the town is highly accessible. It also has an airport.

Tourist Attractions

It's location makes it an important tourist destination in Cameroon. The town is mostly surrounded by plantations such as the Banana Plantation owned by the Cameroon Development Cooperation. The extensive plantations are beautiful sites.

From here, one can have a complete view of the popular Mt. Cameroon one of the biggest tourist attractions of the country.

Golf is a huge attraction and golf lovers can play it in this town, in its extensive golf clubs.

The town is only a few minutes away from attractive towns like Limbe and Buea.


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