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Cameroon is often referred to as ''Africa in Miniature'' or ''Africa in one Country.'' This means that everything you will expect to see in Africa can be seen in this beautiful country. Although many people find it difficult to accept this, this assertion is however true.

The country is busting with life and for many reasons. The southern parts of the country are blessed with tropical rain forests and beautiful beaches.

The northern parts have large expanse of deserts, lakes and savannah.

In the South western and Western parts of the country great volcanic mountains, grass-fields and rivers are abundant.

All these and many other factors, which we will see below, make life in Cameroon very interesting.

Despite its not-so-stable neighbours, The Republic of Cameroon is a very peaceful country. Its people are welcoming and friendly and are always glad to have new visitors in their country.

So, if you've ever dreamed of visiting Cameroon, this page on Travel Cameroon has made it easier for your dream to come true. Come quickly and discover the undiscovered tourists potentials of this beautiful country.

Travel Cameroon: Cameroon Tourist Visa Information

Do you need a visa to visit Cameroon? Sure.

In most cases you need a visa to enter Cameroon.

If you are coming to Cameroon as a tourist, you will need a tourist visa.

The visa is issued by Cameroon's Diplomatic or Consular representative abroad.

The following documents are needed to obtain a tourist visa for Cameroon:

  • A valid Passport.
  • Two passport size photographs
  • A certificate of Accommodation or hotel booking.
  • A round trip plane ticket
  • An international Certificate of vaccination.
  • An application form for a visa to be collected at the consular office

If in doubt of what to submit, contact the consular or diplomatic office in your home country.

Places to Visit, Things to do and See

It's very clear that Cameroon's tourism remains underdeveloped and many of its tourist potentials are still to be discovered. However, there is already a lot in this beautiful country that you may want to see and do in your lifetime. These include:

1. National Parks: There are many national parks in Cameroon where you can visit. These parks serve as habitats to some of the world's most interesting creatures and landscapes. In some of these parks you see gorillas, elephants and other variety of species. You will see birds, ducks, geese, pelicans and guinea fowls. You will also see giant forests. These National parks include:

2. Mt. Cameroon: Cameroon has the highest spot in the whole of West and Central Africa. Mount Cameroon is a top tourist attraction. If you travel Cameroon, Mt Cameroon should be one of your best stops. For all information about this mountain and all its attractions, visit Mount Cameroon.

3. Cameroon Beaches: Are you tired of wild-life and want something different? Cameroon has an extensive coastline. Most of this coastline haven't been tapped into. But there are top beaches you should visit while you travel Cameroon. These beaches include:

  • Limbe Beach:Limbeis a beautiful little town in the South West Region of the Country. It's located next to the Atlantic Ocean and not far away from Mount Cameroon. It has an extensive coastline with black sandy beaches you can't afford to miss. There, you will also find fantastic hotels located closest to the ocean. Night life is good. Transport linking Limbe to other cities is excellent. Limbe also has a zoo and a Botanic Garden and the Oil Refinary Company is Located in this beautiful town. Thousands of people from all over the world flock to this city especially during the months of November and March to enjoy the beautiful sun.

  • Kribi Beach: Located in the South of Cameroon, Kribi is a beach town. It's famous for it's fantastic beaches and wonderful atmosphere. Many influential people in the country go there to relax. Lobe waterfalls falls straight into the Ocean. It has great white sandy beaches, people extremely friendly and a great relaxing place.

4. The Cities: Cameroon cities buzzle with life. Visit top cities to see their colonial legacy, their buildings and road networks, their hard-working dwellers. Experience the day to day activities of the common man in Cameroon cities.

Visit government offices and familiarise yourself with power and administration. Towns and cities like Buea and Douala are great places to start. These two have so much to show on Colonialism. Head to Yaounde-Cameroon the capital city for all this city has to offer.

Other Places to Visit or Things to do

  • Visit Cameroon's Forest People
  • Visit the Central Highlands
  • Go to Festival National Des Arts et de la Culture.
  • Visit the Kalamaloue Reserve
  • Visit the Rhumsiki Mountains.
  • Go hiking in Mora, the Mandara Mountains or Bamenda.
  • Visit Foumban, a culturally rich town.

More Places, things to do and see will be brought to you subsequently.

Cameroon Travel Guide: Getting Around The Country

Transport in Cameroon is growing fast. Travelling around Cameroon shouldn't be a very serious problem except if you are visiting some of the remotest parts of the country. The following modes of transports are available for your convenience.

  • Air Transport: Air transport within Cameroon is also growing fast. There is an airline now available that flies to major cities in the country including Douala, Yaounde, Ndaoundere and Garoua. Elysian Airways takes care of these flight. If you want a very fast trip, check these guys out.

  • Land Transport: Transport to major cities are good. If you have a license, you can drive to major cities in Cameroon without any problems. There are also transport buses available. But beware of accidents on the highway. Transportation to some remote areas in Cameroon can be sometimes completely cut off, especially in the rainy seasons. Using a train is ok. Trains link major towns and cities like Younde and Ngaounde, Yaounde and Douala, Douala Nkongsamba Bafoussam, Mbanga-Kumba etc.

  • Taxis, shared taxis are used within cities. Cameroon operates a yellow taxi scheme. Shared taxi may not be very convenient, but it's faster.

Cameroon Travel: Night Life in Cameroon

Cameroon is very busy at night, especially in the early hours of the night in big cities. The major cities are busting with night life. There are many night clubs. some of the clubs have casinos.

There are sophisticated restaurants which also play life music and have life bands, especially during the weekends. There are no licensing hours for clubs in Cameroon. Night clubs stay opened for as long as they want.

Cameroon Travel Information: Food and Drink

Want to know more about Cameroon food while you travel Cameroon. Find out more information about food on our page on Cameroon Food

What about Money Issues?

You need Money to Travel Cameroon. For all information on money issues, visit Cameroon Currency.

Travel Cameroon: Health Issues

If you travel Cameroon, health should be top on your agenda. You will meet various people, eat in some restaurants and hotels, visit some hospitals and do a lot of things.

  • Hospitals and Clinics: There are many hospitals and Clinics in Cameroon. It should however be noted that sanitation levels are not the best and health facilities, especially out of the major cities of Douala and Yaounde may be highly lacking.

  • Food and Drinks: Don't eat just any kind of food or in any kind of restaurants. Don't drink just any kind of water. Bottled water is readily available.

  • Other Health Risks: There is the prevalence of many infectious diseases, such as hepatitis, Hiv and AIDS etc. Malaria causing mosquitoes are widespread. It's your duty to ensure you take care of yourself.

Travel Cameroon: Accommodation.

One of the most important things you have to check and sort out is your accommodation while you visit or travel Cameroon. The best places to stay are hotels. Hotels are affordable and safe. But you should also know the types of hotels to book.

We will be bringing to you a list of hotels and hostels around Cameroon. So, check here later for updated information.

Travel Advice

There is a lot you need to know before embarking on a trip to Cameroon. I have summarised it . Check it out below.

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