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Yaounde is the capital of Cameroon. It has a population of about 1.5 million people. it's the second largest city in the country after Douala. The city lies in the centre of the country .

Younde was founded by the German colonial masters in 1888.

When Germany was defeated in the First World War and had all her African colonies confiscated as a result of the Versailles' Treaty in France, France was given the mandate to administer Eastern Cameroon.

As a result, Yaounde became the seat of administration in French Cameroon.

It also became the Capital of The Republic of Cameroon when the country gained independence in 1960.

When the Republic of Cameroon and Southern Cameroons re-united, Yaounde also became the capital of the country.

Yaounde Cameroon: The Economy

Yaounde is a vibrant city in Cameroon. As the capital of Cameroon, it has major industries such as tobacco, brewery, clay , glass as well as lumbering companies. Yaounde is also a regional distribution centre for many products such as cocoa, copra, sugar and rubber.

Mode of Transport in Yaounde Cameroon

Yaounde has many modes of transport. Many people use private cars around the city. But the most common means of moving around Yaounde is by taxi.

Younde's taxis, like in other towns and cities of the country, are yellow in colour. If you stand by the side of the street, you can stop a taxi.

If a taxi is going where you intend to go, it will take you there.

There are also long buses available. Many people are now preferring long buses.

Places of Interest in Yaounde Cameroon

Yaounde has a number of interesting places to visit. These places are growing in number.

There are government offices and hotels. While in Yaounde you can visit places like Bastos, with very clean streets and embassies of other countries.

You can also visit the presidential palace, known as Unity Palace, which is located in Etoudi.

The Cathedral, known as the Notre Dame Des Victories, is the seat of the Arch-Diocese of Younde.

Other places to visit include:

  • The Cameroon Art Museum
  • The Cameroon National Museum
  • The Afhemi Museum

There are many other places you can visit and this page will be updated to include all these places as soon as possible.

The People of Yaounde Cameroon

The people of Yaounde Cameroon come from all the regions of Cameroon. As the capital of the country, people migrate there to work, find work, search for knowledge and other greener pastures.

You will find people from almost all tribes of Cameroon in Yaounde. The city, despite the fact that it's found in the French speaking part of the country, also has a very large Anglophone Community. English and French are the two most common languages used by city dwellers.

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