Cameroon Food Collection: ACHU

by Tangwing Pius

Cameroon Food: Achu

Cameroon Food: Achu

Cameroon Food Collection: ACHU

This is a meal widely eaten by the Ngemba people of the grassfield of the North West Region of Cameroon. That is, it is the traditional dish of this group of people.

The following components are needed to prepare Achu:
- Cocoyams
- Motar and pistle
- Palm oil
- Achu Spices (usually a good number of them)
- Lime stone (Canwa in the local parlance)
- Coking material

- Cocoyams is boiled for abour 45 minutes. some people like to add banana fro various reasons (for some, its to increase the quantity since cocoyams are expensive and to some it acts like a binder).

- The cocoyams is then pounded and tied in leaves in small quantities. Some people, after pounding prefer to put it in a big dish and to remove in smaller quantities.

- The soup is in two colours, yellow and black soup.

To prepare the yellow soup, lime stone is added to warm water to dissolve it. Then the grind spices are added and mixed thoroughly. The palm oil is added in small quantities, which changes the colour of the mixture to yellow. At this point, if the desired taste is gotten, then it’s ready for consumption. It is eaten with the skin of the cow (Canda), with boiled or fried, boiled, dry or roasted fish or with beef (fresh or dried).

The black soup is often very easy to prepare. The principal ingredient is the cocoyam leaves. Its harvested and boiled. Then, it is grinned and mixed in water and the same spices for the yellow soup added to taste.

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