Cameroon Food Collection: Corn Fufu

by Tangwing Pius

Cameroon Food Collection: Corn fufu

Cameroon Food Collection: Corn fufu

Cameroon Food: CORN FUFU

Corn fufu as the name implies is prepared from corn (maize). Corn is harvested from the farm and kept in the house for some time to get dry. It is then taken to the grinding mill to grind into corn flour.

Some people prefer it to be peeled before grinding. Water is then boiled to a temperature of about 100%. Some is removed and kept while some is used for preparing the corn fufu.

The corn flour is then added gradually into the boiled water. But before adding it, a sieve is used to separate the fine particles from the rough ones. Either the rough particles are washed and added to the flour or it is thrown away. But this happens to the flour that the corn was not peeled before grinding. A wooden stick is used to stir it in the pot adding the hot water at regular interval until it is ready.

It is removed and tied in small quantities in polythene papers Some people prefer it hard while others prefer it soft. It can be eaten with a variety of soup (Huckle berry, bitter herbs, okra, green, Ndole, etc.). But the most common is Huckle berry (Njama-njama) and kati-kati.

Huckle berry is a kind of green vegetables grown even in the backyard garden. When harvested or bought from the market, it is washed and boiled for a few minutes. Tomatoes, onion, maggi, and other desired spices and oil are used to prepare the vegetable. The hands are used to eat the food.
Corn fufu is food for the Bali Nyongha people of the north west region, the Ngoketunjia people, the Nso and Kom people of the North West region of Cameroon.

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