Cameroon Food: Ekwang

Cameroon Food: Ekwang

Cameroon Food: Ekwang

Cameroon Food: Ekwang
Cameroon Food: Ekwang
Cameroon Food: Ekwang Preparation
Cameroon Food: Ekwang

Cameroon Food Collection: EKAWNG

Ekwang is a meal prepared from cocoyams, but the cocoyams is different from the type used to prepare ''achu'' and the method of preparation too differs.

The cocoyams is peeled and using a special grater it is grind in to the paste. A bit of salt is added to it. The paste is then wrapped in small pieces of leaves of cocoyams and lined up in the pot in a circular manner.

Water, palm oil, crayfish, dry fish, maggi, pepper, Njangsa and other spices are added and cooked until ready. In the process of cooking it is constantly checked so as to avoid it from sticking onto the pot and burning. The process from start to finish is a very long one, reasons why some people prefer to have other food for the family before preparing it.
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