Cocoa Season in Bafia, South West Region of Cameroon


Cocoa Season in Bafia, South West Region of Cameroon

Cocoa Season in Bafia, South West Region of Cameroon

COCAO SEASON IN BAFIA, South West Region of Cameroon.

Bafia is a village in Muyuka Sub-Division of the South West Region of Cameroon. It is borded to the north by mount Cameroon, South by Camdev C.D.C, East by mile 14 Lykoko and West by Ikata village.

The main indigenes are Bakwerians and the village has a population of about eleven thousand (11.000) inhabitants. Most of the people are from the grass field (North West and West Regions of Cameroon). The indigenes can be counted (meaning that they are few in number).

The village has four nursery and primary schools (Government nursery and Primary School, the Presbyterian nursery and Primary School, the New Generation Nursery and primary School and the Cameroon Baptist Convention Primary School. The village also has a Government Secondary School.

The village has one well equipped health Center with well trained Nurses from recognized medical institutions in the Cameroon. There are also medicine stores dotted all over the village, with a pro-pharmacy at the health center financed by G.I.Z.

The village is well versed in politics and is the battle ground for the ruling C.P.D.M and the opposing S.D.F. parties.

The village had a Second-Division Team called Union Bafia which due to mismanagement could not meet up with the rules and regulations of the Cameroon Footbal Federation (FECAFOOT). Inter-quarter football competitions are being organised every summer holidays with people like Inventor Forzi Alfred, Pa Philip Fomba, Mr Ngamnchack Andrew of Andy’s Pharmacy Buea Town, Miss Bapmu Justine, The B.A.R.O.N.S,B.A.LE.C donating trophies. The village also, has produced star players like Walang Roland of Botafogo A.F.C and Ngawe John who plays with Ikata Farmers F.C.

The villagers are friendly, likewise the environment. It has one central bar for relaxation with many snacks. There are many youth groups ranging from social to cultural. Prominent are the Bafia up
town youths Association, Stone quarter youths association, Three corners youths association, the BARONS, Californian young stars and The B.A.L.E.C.I.A.N.S. There are also branch associations like the Dynamic Youths Association, Progressive Youths Association, Standard Youths Association. There are also very many cultural groups because the village is made up of so many tribes.

The village is developed mostly by people from different parts of the country (settlers) who are putting up good buildings. Community work is organized once a month and involves every body in the village. Defaulters are levied fines by the Traditional Council. Roads are untared. There is pipe borne water thanks to the Canadian Aid Programme to Cameroon. There is no electricity but the villagers manage to survive by the use of generators alongside their local “bush lamps”. There are also video halls which are always crowded by the youths mostly at night to entertain themselves.

Cocoa is the main cash crop in the village. But women make their weekly sales of cocoyam, maize, vegetables, egusi, and other food stuffs. The cocoa season which begins from September and ends in December is a VERY SIGNIFICANT PERIOD in the life of the people of this village. People come from all over the country to sell their goods during this period.

Girls also come to do prostitution and divorces are rampant with the presence of these girls. The villagers too nicknamed these girls as “Cocoa-Students” because they come only at this time and disappear as soon as the period is over.

Roasting of fish, cooking of food is everywhere. There is a boom in economic activities during this period. With the disappearance of the girls, there is mass reconciliation with boys and men going back to former girl friends and wives.

After this period, life goes back to normal until September again when things turn upside down till December.

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Sep 08, 2015
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Jul 18, 2015
by: don don

pple of my town,make wunna take am eayz with cocao period oo.make wunna sabi say tomorrow better pass 2day

Dec 02, 2013
Well Written
by: Dr. Lebong

Congratulations for a piece well written.

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