Disguise Job Market

by Ngong Charlotte

There are lots and lots of graduates with good certificates in Cameroon looking for jobs on daily basis.

Most of them especially new graduates have in mind that they can only work in the field from which they were trained in school. All Accounting graduates want to be Accountants in Banks, Management graduates want to be Managers in the Banks and other organisations, Banking graduates want to be Bankers in prestigious banks in the country, etc. How many of these banks exist in the country to employ the massive influx into the job market every academic year. Does this not ring a bell in the minds of the youths and job seekers that there is much to do in the job search process than just going to school, acquiring theoretical knowledge and expecting employers who have toiled and are still toiling to keep their brand name and even overcome competition in business to employ them? Think about this.

Have you also noticed that despite the "unqualified nature" of the new graduates because of little or no work experience, most of them are not only selective but do not also know what to tell the employers who choose to give them a "benefit of doubt" by scheduling interview sessions?

They mess up these opportunities and at the end they blame employers and the government for not being able to employ them. If you think I'm joking; how many job seekers can respond properly to "Why should we hire you instead of the other candidates?"

Lets try to blend the knowledge we get from our respective fields of study with essentials of the job market by acquiring computer knowledge for those who don't have, applying for internships to have work experience, writing winning CVs, scheduling mock interview sessions, etc.

I will strongly encourage that jobs should not be minimised as well, so long as they can enable them gain experience when there is no other option. Lets embrace entrepreneurship and save the government from all the blames of unemployment.

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