Great Opportunity for young Cameroonian artists

by Tchamabe Kemadjou Thierry
(Yaounde centre Cameroon)

It's a collossal opportunity MTN is offering to young Cameroonian artists, which i am greatly thankful and grateful..

This is irrefutably a platform that will propel us to stardom.. Much gratitude to MTN..

My name Tchamabe Kemadjou Thierry.. better known as Debron that's my artist name.. I am a rapper and singer.. but mostly have a penchant for rap.

I would like to know if ze can upload more than one song? which wasn't specified in the above infos.

I believe I am the greatest rapper alive internationally and this is the perfect opportunity for me to show the world what i am all about.

I just want to let you know that I am the indubitably the ultimate winner of this contest.
So you can start voting for me not for the songs yet but for the buzz...we're ready for this.
Long live MTN long live Cameroon..Long live music. I am that zeitgeist... I will put Cameroon in her highest height.. GOD BLESS!!!

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