''I Will 'Travel Cameroon' and Bring Back Memories. Don't I Need a Cameroon Travel Guide?''

A Cameroon Travel Guide?

I have lived away from home for a long time. I have traveled and lived in many countries across Africa and Europe, in search of knowledge and work.

I have met and dined with hundreds of interesting people from all over the world.

Every time they ask me: ''Where do you come from?'' And I reply ''From Cameroon.'' Then they ask me again: ''Where is Cameroon? Is it a beautiful country? Can I travel there? Where can I find a travel guide?'' and more questions.

Many people don't know about this beautiful country.

They don't know, for instance the fact that Cameroon is Africa in miniature

They don't know her history, geography, cities, beaches and traditions and cultures. They don't know about delicious Cameroon foods, her strategic location, her currency etc.

I will tell about this beautiful country to all the corners of the world, especially those who want to visit or those who want to explore the country. I will start by providing them with a 'Cameroon travel guide'. But that wouldn't be all.

I will tell about her beautiful cities,such as Douala, Yaounde, Buea, Bamenda, LimbeBafoussam etc, that are filled of tall buildings, loving and welcoming people.

I will tell about her beautiful villages, where so many Cameroonians live a happy and quiet life.

I will tell about her beaches, that extend far and wide and which attract hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world.

I will tell about everything that is interesting and important to tell, including fun activities like football.

So, this site is for you if:

  • You are a tourist wanting to visit Cameroon.
  • You are already visiting Cameroon.
  • You have been posted to work in Cameroon.
  • You are married to a Cameroonian.
  • You are a business professional planning to set up business in Cameroon.
  • You are studying or are planning to study in Cameroon.
  • You are a Cameroonian, living in Cameroon or abroad and want to know more about this beautiful country.

In fact, it's a site for everyone connected to Cameroon in one way or the other.

The site has been created to provide just the best information, ESPECIALLY A CAMEROON TRAVEL GUIDE, updated on a regular basis. To summarise, it provides valid, reliable and relevant information on the following topics:

  • Cameroon Money.
  • Cameroon Education
  • Cameroon Cities
  • Cameroon Houses
  • Health issues in Cameroon
  • Cameroon Hotels
  • Cameroon Schools
  • Cameroon Economy
  • Cameroon Politics.
  • Cameroon Flag

 But this is just a tips of the iceberg, as you will know everything you ever wanted to know, but didn't know where to find it.

Do share your ideas, experiences, photos and videos about this exciting country, found in the armpit of Africa, and popularly know around the world as ''Africa in miniature.''

Join us on facebook. There, we maintain a very vibrant page and you cannot afford to miss out.

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Table of Contents

Cameroon Directory
This is a Cameroon Directory. This page directs you to all the information you are looking for about Cameroon. It's our sitemap.
Cameroon Blog
Cameroon Blog: What's new at All About Cameroon?
Travel Cameroon: All About Travelling To Cameroon
Travel Cameroon provides top information on travelling to and around Cameroon. It's a Cameroon travel guide you can depend on.
Douala Airport - Douala International Airport.
Do you need information on the Douala Airport? Here, you will find all the information you need
Cameroon Currency
This page provides top information on Cameroon currency, its value and its relationship with other currencies around the world.
Cameroon Weather
This page presents Cameroon weather. It answers the question: What is the weather in Cameroon. This page will help plan a lot of things, for instance, travel arrangements or an event.
Time in Cameroon
Time in Cameroon provides the correct time in this country. Use it to plan anything you want to do in Cameroon.
Cameroon Beaches
Cameroon Beaches carries top information on the best beaches in Cameroon. These beaches are popular, busy and a must visit if you live in Cameroon or are visiting Cameroon
Mount Cameroon
This page provides all the information on Mount Cameroon in Cameroon, one of the main tourist attractions of the country.
Yaounde Cameroon
Yaounde Cameroon: Yaounde is the political capital of Cameroon. This page provides all the information you want to know about Yaounde.
The City of Douala Cameroon
This page provides top information on the city of Douala Cameroon
Buea - Cameroon
This page is about Buea, a historic and fast changing town in the South West Region of Cameroon. You will find all the info you need about this town.
Bamenda Township - Cameroon
This page has all the information about Bamenda, a town in the North West Region of Cameroon
Limbe Cameroon: The Town of Friendship
Limbe Cameroon: Limbe is one of the most vibrant towns in Cameroon. It attract tourists from all over the well because of its unique location and spectacular lanscapes.
Bafoussam, West Region, Cameroon
This page is about Bafoussam, a city in the West Region of Cameroon
Kumba Town, South West Region, Cameroon
This page is about Kumba Town, one of the largest towns of the South West Region of Cameroon
Tiko Town
This page is about Tiko Town in the South West Region of Cameroon
Cameroon Culture
This page provides information on Cameroon Culture - The culture of Cameroon is very unique and interesting in many ways, and for various reasons...
Cameroon Food Review
Looking for Cameroon food? This page has information on food of the different regions of Cameroon. Find out more and share your own ideas.
Cameroon Pics : Photos and Images of Cameroon
Welcome to our page on Cameroon pics. Here, we've compiled the best photos and images of Cameroon that you'll love.
Cameroon Music
This page focuses on Cameroon music. It answers some of the most basic questions such as origins of the music, growth and it's place in the world
Cameroon Language
What is the official Cameroon language or languages? How many languages are spoken in Cameroon? Why? Here you will find all the info you need to know.
Cameroon Constitution - Constitution of the Republic of Cameroon
cameroon constitution: Here is the constitution of the republic of cameroon
Map of Cameroon
This page provides information on the map of Cameroon. It provides its location, its neighbouring countries, its geography as well as a short History of Cameroon.
National Anthem of Cameroon
This is the national anthem of Cameroon. This page provides information on the origin, meaning and uses of the anthem.
Cameroon Flag
Here, you will find all information about Cameroon flag, including the colours and the significance of the colours.
cameroon facts and figures
Cameroon facts and figures puts together all the facts and figures about Cameroon, from geography to history, economy to politics, just to name a few.
Cameroon Jobs
This page on Cameroon Jobs provides links to jobs, information, jobs and career opportunities that can make your job search in Cameroon easier and enjoyable
Cameroon Scholarships
This page on Cameroon Scholarships offers reliable, valid and relevant information on scholarship for Cameroonians, especially international scholarships and for those wishing to study in Cameroon.
Cameroon Questions and Answers
Cameroon Questions and answers provide you the opportunity to ask or answer any question on Cameroon from where is Cameroon located to where can I find a nanny in Cameroon?
Submission Center
In Submission-Center, you can submit or share everything about Cameroon on this website. Submit articles, pictures etc
Buea Hotels - Hotels in Buea
Our page, Buea Hotels, provides you top information on hotels in Buea, the South Western Regional Capital.
The Town of Garoua, Cameroon
Information on Garoua Town, Cameroon
The Town of Mamfe
This page is about the town of Mamfe in the South West Region of Cameroon
Cameroon News
Cameroon news provides valid, relevant and reliable news about top happenings in Cameroon.

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