Labour Day Celebrations in Cameroon

 Labour Day Celebrations in Cameroon.

Labour Day Celebrations in Cameroon.


The International Labour Day (the International Worker’s Day or Labour day) is day celebrated by the international community to promote and encourage the international labour associations.

It is celebrated every year on the 1st of May. The day has been declared a national holiday in about 80 countries in the world and also being celebrated as an unofficial event in most of the countries.

History holds that the day is celebrated to commemorate the 4th of May of the year 1886, which is the Haymarket affair (Haymarket Massacre) in Chicago, USA when workers were on the general strike for their eight-hour workday. On this day, a bomb was thrown over the crowd by an unidentified person and then the police started firing over the workers and four of the demonstrators were killed. This day is celebrated to finish the struggle as well as to promote the requirements of eight-hours work day.

Earlier the working condition of the workers was very severe and working hours were 10 to 16 hours in unsafe conditions. Deaths, injuries and other dreadful conditions of the workers were very common at the workplace during the 1860′s and working people were very agitated throughout the workday until the 8-hour workday was declared. Therefore, the Labor Day is celebrated yearly as an official holiday all over the world to celebrate the accomplishments of workers.

It has become an occasion for speeches, protests, parades, rallies by the working group under the security arrangements to protect violence.
In Cameroon, the day is celebrated by organizing match pass at ceremonial grounds in front of government and syndicate officials. Various companies decorate banners and flags using colors representing their different organizations. They also wear t-shirts and fabrics carrying messages of the day and their organization’s logos.

A lot of messages are broadcast on Television and radio channels to increase social awareness about the Labour Day.

Labour Day Celebrations in Cameroon

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