Limbe Cameroon: The Town of Friendship.

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Limbe is one of the few towns found by the sea side in the South West region of Cameroon. It was founded in 1858 by Alfred Saker, of the British Missionary Society. As of the national census of 2005, it had a population of about 84,223 inhabitants.

 It is found in the Fako Division of the SWR. Initially it was called Victoria, the name given to it by the missionary who discovered it. 

Before its discovery Victoria and its vicinity was not part of the new German colony Kamerun and remained under British administration. It was on 7/05/1886 that Great Britain and Germany agreed to exchange Victoria and its vicinity for German rights at the Forcados River in Nigeria and St. Lucia in South Africa. On 28/03/1887 Victoria and its vicinity were then handed over to the German administration. 

In 1915, Victoria became British and in 1982 Victoria was renamed and since then it has been known as Limbe. The name Limbe was given by the natives of the Bimbia clan though its meaning is not yet certain.

The native language of the people of this town is Isubu spoken by the Bimbia people and the local pidgin English. Because the town is also inhabited by people from other regions of the country, English and French are also spoken there.

Limbe is a touristic town because it’s located on a beautiful bay against the backdrop of a major mountain range. Limbe is one of two coastal towns that are popular among Western tourists because of black sand beaches. Other touristic sites are the Limbe wild life centre and the Limbe Botanic Gardens, motels, hotels craft centers, fishing activities, many private and public nursey, primary and secondary schools, etc.

Limbe has a hot climate compared to that of other towns like Douala but close to the Atlantic beach the climate is different offering a good sea-bless at most hours of day.

It is considered the most attractive town in the country with many touristic sites, beaches and other attractions that you can think of.

It is the center of the country’s only oil Company SONARA, the seat of the largest agricultural company, the CDC, has one of the country’s four natural ports, not yet developed. 

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