Mamfe Town

Mamfe is the capital of Manyu Division of the Southwest Region of Cameroon. It is situated about 60 km from the border between Nigeria and Cameroon. It has an estimated population of over 20,000 people. The town is known as the centre for traditional religion and traditional medicine. It used to be noted for its bad infrastructure (roads, which have recently been tarred).

Mamfe: The Inhabitants and Way of Life

The name "Mamfe" comes from the Bayangi language. When the Germans first arrived in this town through the Cross River, they greeted a Bayangi man who was carrying sand from the shore. When they tried asking him where they were, the man did not understand what they were saying and the only thing he said in his dialect was "Mamfie fah (which means where should i put it)". The Germans heard it as "Mamfe" and this is where the town derived its name.

The inhabitants speak the Bayangi language (otherwise known as kenyang) as their mother tongue. English is the official language spoken here with Pidgin, and several other dialects, like Ejagham. The town is noted for the high proportion of Nigerians who live there and as a border town, it is but normal.

The town consist of the Queen of the Rosary Catholic College. It is Cameroon's first all-female boarding school. There is also a Teacher's training college, and several vocational schools. The main local foods in the area include eru and water fu-fu, plantains and ndole,  garri and agusi soup, etc. The town  is in a river valley. Humidity is over 90% and temperatures at times can be above 49°C during the dry Season, i.e from February - April. During the other months of the year, temperatures range between 27 to 37°C and fall during the Rainy Season (21°C).

The climate is very uncomfortable for travelers. However, tourism is gradually beginning in the area towards the old German bridge, the  River by boat, and the  Cathedral. There are a few hotels, that can accommodate tourists from western countries. The town has always been a point of attraction to the Peace Corps since they entered the country in 1962.

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