MTN Make the Music: My Time

by nkweta miriam

my name is Nkweta Miriam i am 19 years of age i love music especially RnB,RAP,SLOW and HIP HOP.My dream is to one day be a successful musician.i sing everyday especially when i am sad or friends call me rihanna because she is my role model.i would love to sing with every other musician and also learn from them.i come from a family of 7 and my elder sister has 2 sons making us 9 for my father along to take care parents are divorced.i stated loving music when i was in class 7 through my friends.when school is over they will be singing on our way home i was the only one who did not know how to sing ,i would beg them to teach me the song but they would when they are always singing i stay quiet and everyday i will pick up 1 to 2 lines until one day when they were singing i did not know when i joined in and they were surprised to here me sing. that was how i started loving music and today all of them sometimes beg me to write them some songs. many people tell me i do not have the skills but i do believe in myself.i love beyonce,rihanna,Lil Wayne,Nicki minaj,Stanley enow and so much more i just believe that through this contest my dreams will come through because i got what it takes to win this.i just want to thank you for this opportunity that you have brought up so that our talents will be known because i am tired of singing to myself all day the world need to see and know me.i was always scared of things like this but this one i really love to do it.

thank you

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