THE AWING FONDOM of the North West Region of Cameroon

by Tangwing pius monji



THE AWING FONDOM of the North West Region of Cameroon

Awing is otherwise known as BAMBULUWING OR NDONG AWING.
Awing is mountainous with undulating features. It lies in a valley surrounded by mountains from East to West with two streams flowing down the sides of the valley and in the South by the Ndop plain. Awing is Located in the Santa sub-division, Mezam Division in the North West Region of Cameroon.

Awing has a land surface area of more than 100km2. It is part of the grass field region situated at 1500m above sea level with mount Lefo as the highest point. A distance of about 30km separates the fondom from the town of Bamenda, the regional capital of the North West Region. Awing shares boundaries with about nine (9) villages: North by: Bamendankwe, Bambili, Babanki tungoh, South by: Baligham, Bamenyam, East by: Balikumbat, Bamenkumbit and West by: Akum and Njong. Awing has a tropical climate with two seasons: the dry and rainy season. Its fertile volcanic soil is suitable for animal breeding and wide variety of food and cash crops.

Oral History holds it that the people of Awing came from the North East Congo and settled in widikum via Tadkon near Batibo and finally moved to their present site. Legend re-enforces that they originated from the Bantu roots of East Africa. They belong to the upper Ngemba tribe of Bamenda central.

Awing has an estimated population of about 45000 inhabitants made of several clans. A blend of traditional and modern centralized administration is applied by the Fon who is the apex of the administrative ladder.

The Fon’s palace is the melting pot of decision making and seat of traditional institutions. The powers of the Fon are spiritually re-enforced by a venerated council that constitutes the most dreaded and weird secret society called the “kwifo’o”. “Kwifo’o” is the regulator of the fondom governing machinery. All activities that are carried by whosoever in variance with the decree of the “Kwifo’o” tantamount to incalculable risk.

Awing is the land of sunrise and sunset, of
ancient traditions and mystic legends and of nature at its most picturesque, wildest and exquisite: but much more a land of friendly people.

Awing is acknowledged as one of the most admired fondoms in the North West region of Cameroon. This is due to its rich contemporary culture which blends values, norms, material and spiritual traditions that cut across several ethnic groups with diverse ideas.

There are several ceremonies in Awing, manifesting customs, social life, rituals, oral history and spiritual culture. If you have the opportunity to attend one, please do not hesitate.
There are colourful, exuberant and fascinating insights into a culture that has been passed from generation to generation. Whether your visit is to sample the fast rush of one of its adventures, or to discover its vibrant palace, allow yourself to be seduced by its creativity. Don’t resist its beautiful wood carving in all its sizes, drums, masks, colourful fabrics, his majesty’s tiger carpet and woven calabashes dyed wall hangings, metal sculptures, bamboo furniture and baskets.
Awing is one of Cameroon’s wonders. Her hilly undulating landscape creates a spectacular panorama. The lake, lake Awing, the home of the gods is simply fantastic each time nature’s sun casts its glows across the shimmering waters catching the distinctive half submerged trees, tourist are lulled to sleep. It provides ultimate tourist splendor to the inhabitants of Santa sub-division in the North West Region and support a thriving agriculture industry.

In many legends, Lake Awing was and is still regarded as the home of the gods which requires annual appeasement to guarantee fertility, peace and love in the land of Awing.

While the lure of safari keeps you busy at the lake, visitors are encouraged to look beyond the fondom’s famous scene and discover the sheer variety of landscape, wild life, human culture and experiences available in the home of the hospitable. Down the valleys of the lake, you will zoom through the rolling savannah, tropical gallery forest home to their brothers and sisters, the bororos and their vast investment in cattle breeding and much more.

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Sep 06, 2015
I am proud of Awing
by: Nji Ghislain Ngufor

Awing is truly a place to be and i love it with all my heart. Am a proud son Awing village and will never have any regrets. Awing is my farther land and so shall it be my grate grand childrens land forever.

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